The Mosaics – day 5 & 6

Today’s Friday and the Mosaics just finished our Patrol meeting. Before that we useful session but couldn’t compare to the amazing Guide’s Own that we had experienced prior. It was a beautiful ceremony and we made beautiful blooming flowers of self improvement, it was thoroughly enjoyed by our guests from the lunch that had preceded it. This lunch was not only delicious but also a good chance for us to network with our very important guests.

Our other guest today, who unfortunate couldn’t stay for lunch, was Susie who presented our morning session on projects in action and shared what she does with her charity; Goods for Girls. It was very eye openning, some thing that Kate and Sam needed because of their sleep in.

This tardiness was probably caused by the fact that the early risers who normally wake us, like Chloe and Mieke, had gone to an Easter Friday church service. Unfortunately this early rise was made even earlier by Michelle’s alarm still being set in New Zealand time.

This was an early start we didn’t need our busy day yesterday, when we worked into the evening, our last session on networking starting at 8.30pm, at least our stamina was kept up through the session due to our delicious dinner of pizza and marshmallow peaches,

After our trip to Sydney that afternoon we certainly needed stamina, whether it was searching for Vicki’s car, travelling by ferry, eating awesome ice cream, touching the opera house or walking across the Sydney Harbour Bridge all the Mosaics had a fantastic day time. Kate especially liked the train trip because it was her first time ever on a train. Sam’s trip to Sydney was a little less eventful due to being hindered from walking following an injury in the morning energiser, but she still had a great time.

The Mosaics have had two amazing days and know the rest of Leading Edge will be just as wonderful.


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