The Mosaics – day 7

What a full on day!

Projects! Projects! And more projects!

It was a good day filled with fun activities. The day was themed around Reality TV Shows. We tossed our projects (egg) around to illustrate that they’re precious but the worst that can happen if they fail is that they’ll be a mess.

We made pikelets as part of MKR and they were delicious! We looked at resources we’d need, budgeting and making a timeline. We made elevator pitches in ‘The Voice’ to our nana, a Guiding friend, someone who could fund our projects and a journalist. It was tough but a good practice to see what we might say in these situations.

We made a project plan and then had a project fair, advertising our projects and getting each other to advocate and debate over our projects.

We then threw Vicki a surprise birthday party. She was absolutely stunned by it. It was really special to be able to share it with her.

We debriefed our campfire, formal lunch and Guides’ Own so that we can do better in the future,

Our last ‘me time’ was spent writing a letter to ourselves, which Penny will mail to us in a months time.

We all had a blast at LE and are leaving very changed people.


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