1. Overview

You are on the brink… the edge of a great challenge!
Guides Australia invites YOU to experience
a unique leadership development seminar

This is not just another event – this is a high level leadership and learning opportunity for women aged 16 to 20, from each Australian State, as well as several international participants.

Leading Edge will be fun – you will be learning through exciting experiences!

It is a great opportunity for you to:
* increase your leadership skills;
* develop self confidence and your boost self esteem;
* learn some practical skills to carry you through life;
* enhance your problem solving and decision making skills;
* work in a team and effectively lead a team;
* build your enthusiasm and motivation, and expand your network of friends; and
* leave inspired and ready to implement your Leader Skills Project.


To help you gain the most from Leading Edge, you will be required to carry out a Leader Skills Project after the event and before the end of September 2013. A Leader Skills Project is any long term task that will require you to use the following skills;
* goal setting
* decision making
* communication
* time management

Most Leading Edge Projects will slot into one of three categories;
* fundraising/ awareness raising
* activity day/ weekend
* resource development

Participants do not need to arrive at Leading Edge with a project although you might come with some ideas. It is important that before you apply you consider your time commitments between April and September 2014.

The Leader Skills Project is an opportunity to put into practice all that you will learn at Leading Edge. As well as providing a valuable experience, it will be a useful addition to your CV.

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