3. Application Process

The Application Form has three parts:

Part 1      Personal Details
Start with the easy stuff – personal details and contact information.
You also need to attach a passport or standard sized photo of yourself.
Your application needs to be endorsed by your Division or Region Leader/ Manager (or equivalent).

Part 2      About You
Answer a few questions about your background and previous experiences and why you would like to attend Leading Edge.

Part 3      Two Referees Statements
You will need to obtain two Referee Statements. A Referee Package has been put together to assist you referees to complete their statements.

The forms can be completely electronically or neatly by hand. When saving your application, please include your name and State in the file name.

Please ensure all three parts are completed fully and your references and photo are attached before returning to your State Co-ordinator by 5.00pm Monday 2 December 2012.

As part of the State’s selection process interviews may be conducted.

All applicants will be advised by Friday 20 December 2012 of their application outcome.

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