P to the power of five – day 5


Tourist time in Sydney
Harbour Bridge walk
Understandably tired
Rolling waves on the ferry
Saw the Luna Park Face
Danced at the Sydney Opera House
And we had pizza for dinner
Yeah 🙂

P5 out!


The Mosaics Patrol – day 4

Making decisions and problem solving about sharing pens
Only 3 days in and we feel like family
Sam got taped to a tree to show emotional intelligence
A lot of laughter with Vicki debriefing ceremonies
It was Chloe’s first time eating damper
Commitment and competence will effect our leadership styles
Sending emails properly is an important skill

P to the power of 5 – day 4

Wednesday began with a session on debriefing after an event followed by a helpful session on the do’s and dont’s of email. Before lunch we examined various leadership styles through different activities and then enjoyed delicious Thai pumpkin soup with homemade potato damper for lunch.

After lunch Kerry lead us through a session on Emotional And Social Intelligence which included duct taping Emily to a tree. Tonight we are going to be exploring our creative and expressive sides whilst tomorrow we will be enjoying a day in the city of Sydney.

P5 out!